Civil Partnership

Same Sex Couples

Opposite sex couples can marry in the UK, however in England on 29th March 2014 same sex couples could marry.  In Scotland it was 16 December 2014 that same sex couples could marry.  This is fantastic news for everyone in the UK, a decision to be celebrated. 

If you wish to enter a civil partnership you need to complete paperwork at your local register office and give notice.  In Scotland, same sex couples can marry in their local register office, however if they want to marry in a religious organisation i.e. Church, the establishment would need to agree. In England people don’t have this luxury as in the Church of England or Church in Wales they cannot have the ceremony there.

Best Legal Advice

  • We suggest you get legal advice, what everyone does know is that you need to be over 16 years of age and not be married to anyone else.  If you have been married before, you would need to produce a divorce certificate to allow you to enter into the civil partnership.

To enter into a civil partnership is to show a commitment to each other, it is a declaration of love and does give you rights to property and other things.  You really need to speak to a family lawyer to get more information, there are different laws if you are in Scotland, England, UK or elsewhere in the world.

The financial position of a civil partnership mirrors that of a spouse.  So, it does give you an element of protection legally. The breakthrough in Scotland was in 2014, there was a flurry of excitement around couples being able to celebrate their love and start a new life together.  It is a sign of the times and should be welcomed by religious institutions, in our opinion.  Speak to a legal professional who will give you all the legal advice you need.